Maxodus Media GmbH was founded on 26th August 2008 as a 100% daughter company of MindMatics AG (, combining the content competence of MindMatics AG and the former plan_b media AG. Mag. (FH) Markus Kritscher and Mag. Bernhard Hortens were jointly appointed as managing directors. Maxodus Media is registered in the Viennese Register of commerce at FN 314970 t. Maxodus Media is structured in the following segments: Content Production, Content Licensing, Portal Creation, Portal Management, Content Aggregation and App development.
After a management buyout in December 2013, Maxodus Media is fully owned by Markus Kritscher and Bernhard Hortens.
Mag. (FH) Markus Kritscher
Markus Kritscher has headed the Austrian office of MindMatics since 2005. Prior to that, he worked in product management at tele.ring, a highly competitive Austrian mobile operator. Markus holds a master of applied science in Information & Knowledge management and a degree from Malik Management Center St. Gallen in effective managing and performing. He is responsible for all marketing and sales activities at Maxodus Media.
Mag. Bernhard Hortens
Bernhard Hortens joined MindMatics in 2007 as Director Content Operations. Previously, Mr. Hortens worked from 2002-2006 at tele.ring - followed by a brief foray into online financial services. His 20+ years of telecom expertise started off with 5 years working at EUnet/KPNQwest. He holds a master degree in business administration from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. Bernhard is responsible for all operational tasks as well as all licensing and financial operation of Maxodus Media.
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